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Tikler is for teams whose document management struggles include tracking key information and staying up-to-date on time-sensitive tasks.

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Document management made easy


Standardize the way you capture and track information across all teams

Let's face it, we all have pertinent details relating to our documents floating around. Tikler allows teams to create metadata templates from scratch in order to establish a standard process for capturing and tracking  information.


Ensure important tasks, and action items never slip through the cracks

With a unified calendar, Tikler will ensure your teams are all up to date on action items without putting the burden of communication on one individual.


Maintain a single source of truth

Long email threads, messy folder directories, sticky notes, duplicate efforts, shall we continue? Tikler allows your team to have a single reference point for all information and communications related to your documents.


Allow teams to easily build custom reports

What good is all that metadata if you can't utilize it for search or reporting? Tikler makes it easy for your teams to easily filter and find the information they need in a matter of seconds without having to reach out to another individual or department.

Powerful enough to simplify your processes.

Flexible enough for every team.

Interactive Calendar

See every important time-sensitive item at a glance.

Easily preview documents and the related information

Easily preview documents

Built-In Chat

Keep conversations attached to each document.

Easy Reporting

Get insights on your documents with ease.

Smart Archiving

Easily find, view, and organize archived files.

User Permissions

Enhance visibility while preventing errors.

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