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One workspace for your teams and their business documents, tasks, dates, and more.
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A Process is essential to make any tool succeed

We are a team of Information Management Consultants who will assist your organization eliminate roadblocks and silos, and create a single source of truth. Our goal is to provide you with more than just a product.
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Georgia state University

Adila Hossain

Aside from Tikler being a very easy to use document and information management tool, we are also extremely happy with the level of service provided.
Mississippi Regional Housing  V

Dorothea Patrick

We've automated a manual process with the help of the Tikler team. They've helped from brainstorming the workflow to seeing it executed successfully.

Who we work with

Tikler works with professional development organizations and trade associations in both the public and private sectors to educate their members on proper information management within organizations and teams, as well as to share best practices. Some of our partners include

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Frequently asked questions

How is the data secured?

All data stored in Tikler is protected by encryption at rest and in transit. Communications use TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, and data is stored and encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.

What happens to our documents or data if we decide to go elsewhere?

You have control over your data and can export it in CSV and zip files if you decide to migrate to another platform. The Tikler support team is available to assist you if you need help.

What is support like?

The Tikler support team is available Monday through Friday from 8AM EST to 7PM EST to assist with any questions, concerns, or suggestions your team may have in order to ensure you have the best experience possible. Support may be provided over email or Zoom calls depending on the nature of the request.

How is Tikler priced?

We do not believe in pricing per feature, as our mission is to create your organization's single source of truth for documents and related activities. All customers have access to all Tikler features and dedicated support. We charge per user and require annual prepaid subscriptions. To learn more about our pricing and product, feel free to schedule a quick discovery call with our team today.

Where is the team located?

Tikler is a US-based company with all of our people and support located within the country. Our web-based solution, Tikler, is hosted on Amazon Web Service's (AWS) cloud infrastructure in the continental United States.

What makes Tikler unique compared to the field?

The ease of use. You don't have to be an information management specialist or database expert to get your team up and running in an hour or less. Tikler provides a defined process for capturing documents and creating a single source of truth.