Information Management Defined

Understanding what proper information management entails is the first step to developing a streamlined process.
Information Management Defined

Information Management Defined

The term information management, although having been around in organizational jargon for decades, has often been reduced or simply confused with either management of documents or maintaining a database of structured data where in reality, both of those concepts are just a part of what information management actually is.

In simpler terms, information management can be defined as the relationship that exists between documents, data, the people who rely on it, and the process in place to make it accessible across an organization.

Generally when we hear the term, the first thought that comes to mind is the manager of a specific department owning the process or perhaps it being the responsibility of someone in business operations/enablement, but in reality, for an organization to function efficiently, proper information management is a shared responsibility that is dependent on all internal stakeholders (and sometimes external) following a standard process.

While most organizations strive to maintain a robust information management environment, the reality is that they tend to fall into departmental silos where duplication of efforts and lack of communication across teams is prevalent.

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