Paperless in 2024?

Organizations nowadays have replaced the paper-based clutter with digital clutter
Paperless in 2024?

Is your organization paperless; and if so, is it working efficiently?

It's 2023, and it's easy to assume that every organization, from governmental to non-governmental, should be paperless by now. However, reality often paints a different picture. A paperless organization, in layman's terms, greatly reduces reliance on paper to perform day-to-day functions through digitalization.

If your organization is still generally paper-based, then you are about 10 years behind the curve. In the last 20 years, most organizations have implemented systems, whether network drives or dedicated software, to get a handle on their physical clutter and replace sprawling cabinets of invoices, agreements, memos, policies, contracts, client files, internal paperwork, and more.

For organizations seeking to adopt or improve their paperless strategy, the one pitfall that others have failed to avoid is recreating their clutter in the cloud. In other words, in an effort to be paperless and take advantage of available software solutions, there has not been any intention or process of how information and documentation should be captured. As a result, accurate data and versioning become a hassle for the end user to come by.

So the question to ask is not whether you’ve simply achieved a paper-less state, it’s rather whether your organization has established a process for documentation and managing related information that is not only standardized but also repeatable, reference-able, and easy to use.

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